Air Compressors

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This page shows some models in the reliable Fini range of compressors which includes belt or direct-drive piston technology as well as the more powerful screw-type units. We also install complete compressed air systems.

Fini belt-drive compressors are built to the standards of major European countries. The range of sizes allows selection of the ideal unit to meet your requirements. Direct drive units are also available.

Fini industrial screw compressors are manufactured for high reliability and long, useful life. Models are available with 3-year warranty, and no servicing required for the first 4 000 working hours (except for filter cleaning in dusty environments).

The range of Fini silenced screw compressors are well-suited to large-scale industrial applications.

TransPlant’s range includes hobby and special-application compressors.

The portable Flash 12V compressor is ideal for 4x4 travellers and sporting enthusiasts.