Air Filtration

On-road or off-road, in all kinds of operating environments, Donaldson air filtration technology protects engines, delivers long filter life and gives you the confidence that comes with choosing a quality product that matches your equipment's requirements.

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The Donaldson Pre-cleaner range will greatly extend the life of your air filter.

The technologically advanced TopSpin pre-cleaner ejects particles before they reach the air filter. It's maintenance free and easy-to-install too!

  • New - latest in pre-cleaning technology
  • Expels more than 99% of contaminants 20 micron or larger
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Simply clamps to air intake

Rugged Donaspin pre-cleaner with exhaust ejector maintains cleaner intake air and lower operating costs in dirty agricultural or construction environments.

The proven, affordable Donaldson bowl-type pre-cleaner range offers effective pre-cleaning while allowing you to visually monitor local contaminant profile.