Air Tools

Consider some of the advantages of the range of quality Chicago Pneumatic (CP)air tools:

  • They can cut labour costs and improve workplace ergonomics by speeding up difficult or repetitive tasks.
  • Air tools simplify manufacturing challenges by delivering effective and predictable levels of torque and power.
  • Well-made air tools are highly resistant to the nemesis of many power tools - burn-out and overheating.
  • They are robust and, when used with proper air line equipment, can be expected to have a long and productive working life.
  • Any needed servicing or maintenance is available through TransPlant.

Using the navigation buttons at left explore our photo display of CP tools and contact us for further information about the tools and their applications. Let us introduce you to compressed air’s speed, power, and exceptional reliability.

TransPlant also supplies complete compressed air systems and stocks air filtration units, quick-couplers, hoses and other accessories. Click here for more details.