Hydraulic Firefighters

TransPlant is at the cutting edge of portable firefighting equipment with a close association with Midamacor as new products are developed and tested. Also visit our Hydraulic Firefighters section.

Before you charge off to fight a fire on the farm...take a good look at the range of Honda-powered, bakkie-bed mounted firefighter units we have available, including the ‘Buffel’ unit from Midmacor.

  • Complete with 600 litre tank, 20m hose and reel, nozzle/pistol and 12-month warranty
  • Powered by Honda GX160 petrol engine (four-stroke efficiency and reliability)
  • CU250 pump option - 22 litres/min @ 40 bar
  • CU350 pump option - 42 litres/min @ 40 bar
  • Onga pump option - 450 litres/min @ 10 bar
  • Refill Venturi (optional)

The Buffel Firefighter at work.

Contact TransPlant for further specifications and a no-obligation demo.

The Sanchin piston-pump, used in the Buffel, has many applications including veldfires, firebreaks, farms, industries, municipalities, villages, game lodges and forestry.