Diesel Fuel Manager

Designed to remove water and particulate contaminants without impeding fuel flow, the Fuel Manager® system combines the function of traditional water separators and filters into one customizable unit.

The latest water-repelling, high efficiency media and your choice of optional, modular components ensure maximum life and performance from your diesel engine.

Diesel Fuel Manager, Donaldson Fuel Manager

The Donaldson Fuel Manager is completely modular. Start with the base system and add or remove optional components without disconnecting fuel lines, allowing your system to be easily custom configured.

  • Separates both free and emulsified water
  • Improves efficiency of existing engine filtration, or may replace it
  • Maximum fuel flow: 180 Gph/680 lph
  • Nominal fuel flow: 120 Gph/456 lph
  • Mounting flexibility: chassis, frame or engine mounted
  • Large capacity minimizes filter changes
  • No spill, tool free filter changes
  • “Key Track” non-threaded filter connection ensures that the correct performance filter is used
  • Cast aluminium head
  • Threaded ports
  • Highly effective synthetic media filters to 2 microns.
  • See-thru water bowl allows easy, immediate visual inspection of water and residue levels

Available options include hand pump, water sensor, thermal diverter fuel heating, or side load heater.