Lube Filtration

Oil is vital to your engine’s moving parts. It lubricates, removes heat as it circulates and flushes contaminants out of the engine.

Donaldson lube filters

Donaldson lube filters are designed to keep oil clean by capturing contaminants that can cause engine damage. New engine designs require finer filtration than older engines. Increased engine emissions control and tighter tolerances within the engine requires high efficiency filters.

Donaldson Endurance Lube Filters use advanced Synteq media technology to deliver extended oil drain intervals, improved lubricant flow with a higher level of engine protection. They exceed the filter performance requirements of the original equipment manufacturer.

Combine these filters with our Donaldson Endurance air filters on your on-highway trucks and you’ll find your overall maintenance costs will decrease.

Endurance Filtration Range

Donaldson durable lube filters

Donaldson durable lube filters keep your equipment running at its best to let you focus on what’s most important, getting your job done. Donaldson also offers a complete line of cartridge-style lube filters for all makes of equipment. Donaldson has applied its patented radial sealing technology to spin-on style lube filters. The radial seal design provides a consistent, reliable seal, enhanced structural performance and optimum protection.

Spin-on Filters

Spin-on Filters