Honda AMF Power Unit

Avoid power failures which can be frustrating and a threat to your security with TransPlant’s Automatic Mains Failure back-up system.

The TransPlant AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) Power Backup...

  • Constantly monitors your mains power for a failure
  • Self-starts generator 5 seconds after a mains failure
  • Self-stops generator when mains power returns trickle-charges battery 24/7 - even when generator is off
  • AMF-HondaFeatures reliable Honda 4-stroke generator technology with automatic voltage regulator (AVR) for powering sensitive equipment like computers and medical equipment
  • Available in 5.5,8,10 and 12 Kva power units

TransPlant AMF control panel

  • Mains indicator light
  • Generator indicator light
  • Control switch
  • Engine run hours meter
  • Generator start failure alarm
  • Optional programmable start timer for exercising the generator

The Transplant automatic mains failure (AMF) system can bring a smile to your face by automatically restoring power within 5 seconds when the mains fail. Rastus Reen of TransPlant poses with a 10KVA AMF system installed in a home.

Finance options available

TransPlant has simplified the purchasing process by arranging financing of the complete AMF system through Wesbank as an alternative to outright purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

Press Release

AMF system restores electricity in 5 seconds when mains fail

Electric power failures, which can threaten your lifestyle and interfere with your security systems can be effectively eliminated by installing your own automatic mains failure (AMF) power backup system from KZN’s TransPlant.

The AMF system constantly monitors your mains and within 5 seconds of a power failure automatically starts an efficient Honda generator. Power is quickly restored through the generator and the AMF unit self-stops again when mains power returns. The Honda generator, which lies at the heart of the TransPlant AMF solution, features an automatic voltage regulator, which carefully regulates the electric current making it suitable for computers and sensitive electronic equipment. The 4-stroke Honda engine is also very reliable and fuel-efficient, starting easily and automatically from a battery which receives a trickle charge when the generator is off.

The TransPlant automatic mains failure system, which is also suitable for a small business or medical practice, is supplied complete with an electrical wall panel which should be installed by an electrician. The panel includes Eskom and generator indicator lights, as well as a control switch for optional manual operation and an engine run hours meter.

TransPlant, which is located in Port Shepstone, has simplified the purchasing process by arranging financing of the complete AMF system through Wesbank.