Hydraulic Firefighters

TransPlant has taken the initiative in building hydraulic-powered firefighters, recently introducing a complete twin-stage kit for use nearly anywhere.

Double stage hydraulic firefighter kit custom-built for power and efficiency!

  • Powered by tractor hydraulics
  • Eliminates PTO shaft problems - manoeuvre freely
  • Powerful, reliable Onga twin-stage pump coupled to bi-rotational hydraulic motor
  • Fitted with non-return valve on return line to ensure correct rotation of water pump
  • Hydraulic motor requires 24 litres/min from tractor pump
  • Onga twin-stage delivers 450 litres/min @ 10 bar pressure
  • Optional single-stage delivers 650 litres/min @ 7 bar
  • Low maintenance, 12-month warranty
  • Simple installation, delivery via courier
  • Highly-rated by users throughout KZN

The double-stage firefighter at work for Illovo Sugar near Sezela.