Lube & Oil Equipment

As part of our workshop equipment range TransPlant supplies quality Samoa lubrication equipment. With a nearly 50 year tradition, Samoa lube equipment is known for its excellent construction and the diversity of its product line-up, in both the pneumatic and manually operated ranges.

Hand Pumps

On the smaller side of our lubrication equipment range, we offer a variety of hand pumps including:

  • Lever grease guns for use with grease cartridges or bulk grease.
  • Air operated grease guns for use with grease cartridges or bulk grease.
  • Grease connectors for use on hydraulic type fittings.
  • Oil suction guns for suction, discharge, loading or refilling.
  • Multi-pressure grease bucket pump which is a severe duty, large capacity grease gun.
  • High pressure grease pumps which are mounted on original grease kegs.
  • Gear oil dispensers for high viscosity lubricants.

Ecokit Diesel Pump

Ask about our compact, portable, diesel transfer pump. It comes complete with a manual nozzle, swivel and pump switch. The pump is self-priming with integral in by-pass.

It also features a 2" bung adapter, a telescopic suction tube with inox filter, a carrying handle and 4m delivery hose. Diesel meter is available with the unit or separately.


We supply quality flowmeters for tracking or controlling the use or distribution of fuels and lubricants.

Mobile Oil Dispensers

Our range of quality lubrication equipment includes air operated mobile oil dispensers which vary from 20 to 205 litre drums. Features include:

  • 3:1 pressure ratio oil pump
  • Pump bracket
  • Suction hose (for 205 litre)
  • 3m x 1/2” oil delivery hose
  • Control gun; extension outlet; and non-drip tip

Waste Oil Equipment

Our range of waste oil equipment includes mobile waste oil drainers and waste oil suction units.

The waste oil drainers are used for motor and gear oil collection as well as with any other type of automotive non agressive fluids. They can be used under vehicle lifts or inside lubrication pits.

The waste oil suction units can be used as an autonomous unit disconnected from the air supply once the vacuum is reached in the container. Suction is carried out by using a suction probe or connector inserted instead of the motor oil dip stick.

Hose Reels

Both open and close type hose reels are available. These multi-application hose reels with double pedestal arms are 10 metres long with a maximum hose capacity of 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4” for air, water, oil or grease.

Hose reel arms and outlet can be positioned for optimum operation in any mounting position, whether wall, ceiling, pit, floor or tank. Easy to maintain as disassembling is not required to adjust the spring tension, to replace the hose, or to repair the inlet swivel. The casing is protected with an epoxy powder coating finish for high resistance against wear and corrosion.

Multifluid & Stainless Steel Transfer Pumps

We also offer air operated diaphragm pumps and multimaterial transfer pumps.

Diaphragm pumps range from 27 to 150 litres, depending whether they’re used for smaller transfer/distribution system jobs, or for larger jobs such as transfer for waste oil.

Air operated multimaterial transfer pumps are used for fluids that are compatible with aluminium, stainless steel, anti-freeze fluids or anti-corrosion fluids, for example.