Workshop Jacks

In line with our objective of furnishing reliable, serviceable and well-made workshop equipment, TransPlant distributes the Mega range.

Bottle Jacks

Bottle Jacks - Fitted with a safety valve against overloading, all Mega bottle jacks are designed to withstand 50% over their rated capacity. With pump facing downwards, these jacks can also be used horizontally. Sizes range from 2 ton to 100 ton.

Special Bottle Jacks

Special Bottle Jacks - Manufactured for use with lower, higher, or special jacking points. Jacks with pressure gauges are available. Sizes range from 2 ton to 20 ton.

Telescopic Jacks -

Telescopic Jacks - These allow for very low initial height, with a high lifting range. Sizes range from 2 ton to 20 ton.

Trolley Jacks

Trolley Jacks - Low profile allows for easier access to lifting points. Jacks are fitted with safety valve against overloading, and Lowering Control System (LCS) which provides a safer, smoother descent control. Descent stops if operator loses control. Sizes range from 1.5 ton to 20 ton.

Air HydraulicTrolley Jacks

Air HydraulicTrolley Jacks - A pneumatic device gives a fast lifting speed, and self-retracting ram descent. Features special compact design for low ground clearance and for fitting between tandem wheels. Also features Lowering Control System (LCS). Sizes range from 10 ton to 60 ton.

Air Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Air Hydraulic Bottle Jacks - As with Air Trolley Jacks, operator remains in control, even if air supply is interrupted. Ideal for truck and trailer roadside service. Can be used with truck’s compressor, or fitted with manual pump. Sizes range from 12 ton to 30 ton.

Transmission Jack

Transmission Jack - Particularly helpful in replacement of differential sets, transmissions, gearboxes and engines. Detachable pump allows for operation in any position. 1000kg capacity. High-lift transmission jacks also available, ranging from 300kg to 1200kg capacity.

Hydraulic Presses

Presses - Two types of presses are available, the monoblock presses, and the cylinder and independent pump presses (pictured). Recommended for straightening, bending, folding, punching, bearing and axle work. Models range from 10 ton to 100 ton.

The Mega range also includes cranes, wheel dolly, air-hydraulic jacking beams, hydraulic benders, body-repair kits, body aligning sets, hydraulic lifting tables, stackers, hydraulic hand pallet truck, hydraulic drum dolly, and equipment repair kits. For further information, contact TransPlant.

More details and specifications can be found by visiting the Mega website, or by contacting TransPlant.